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Why Southeast Asia


Chance in Southeast Asia

Many large enterprises have switched their production lines to Southeast Asian countries while China’s rising labor cost and industrial transformation significantly lifted up the production cost. Meanwhile, the recent infrastructure improvement and urbanization in Southeast Asian countries signaled remarkable progress, just like the pattern of China's economic take-off back in the days. Southeast Asia development would be the future trend undoubtedly.

Philippines is underrated

Opsis MCube Capital has an experienced team studying Southeast Asian metropolises via diversified tools and specifically focusing on Philippines real estate market. The Philippines, led by President Duterte, is developing infrastructure rapidly and also playing an important role in the international production lines. The advantages of English as an official language helps the Philippines to become the preferred location of many outsourcing service centers. The Philippines' real estate market is expected to be one of the countries that can undertake an exponential growth in the near future.

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Invest in Southeast Asia Fund

Let’s seize the opportunity from undervalued Southeast Asian real estate market


Southeast Asia real estate fund

Attracted by the real estate market in Southeast Asia but had difficulties locating a fruitful target?

Opsis MCube Capital provides convenient and secure investment alternatives by delving into major cities in Southeast Asia. We view Southeast Asia as a diverse region, with our strong macro and fundamental analysis at the core, Opsis MCube Capital is eager to help investors achieve a balanced and high-growth investment portfolio.

Through our team and overseas partners, we steadily explore top quality cross-border investment opportunities, precisely find commercial and residential real estate in high-return markets, and greatly simplify the overseas regulatory and geopolitical complexity for investors to participate in Southeast Asia market. Opsis MCube Capital expects the real estate prices of the core area in the Philippines would remain low, making it more competitive than Thailand and Indonesia.

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