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Why Green Energy


Taiwan is in the desire of energy transition

Each resident in Taiwan uses more than 10,000 kWh electricity per year, hit the top rank among developed countries in Asia. About 80% of domestic electricity production comes from coal-fired power generation that results in serious air pollution problem. Under the general environmental trend of eliminating nuclear energy caused by safety concerns, Taiwan must make good use of natural resources to develop green energy and achieve sustainable economic and environmental development through energy transition.

International awareness and trends

With the severe global climate change, international organizations and multinational enterprises pay more and more attention to green energy and sustainable development. Many conglomerates have already incorporated the carbon emissions produced by the supply chain into their commercial decision making process. Apple in the U.S. has even set up a net-zero carbon footprint goal by 2030. Taiwan's determination to develop green energy will strengthen the international competitiveness and attract more international companies to set up factories or to invest in Taiwan.

Participate in green energy development

If you have land or buildings suitable for large-scale solar panel, Opsis MCube Capital can plan and find the ideal partner for your construction and installment. By entering into a 20-year contract with Taiwan Power Company, your existed assets would be able to participate in the process of Taiwan's energy transition and generate long-term stable cash flows.


Existed and Operating Projects

10 MW cumulative capacity


Toufen, Miaoli I
1,127.68 kW


Toufen, Miaoli II
2,883.48 kW


Toufen, Miaoli III
1,095.68 kW


Toufen, Miaoli IV
1,020.00 kW


Toufen, Miaoli V
837.08 kW


Hengshan, Hsinchu
230.18 kW


Taichung, Dali
486.20 kW

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-07 at 3_edited.jpg

Jubei, Hsinchu &
Luzhu, Kaohsiung

​​1,272.15 kW


Rende, Tainan
280.16 kW


Jubei, Hsinchu
602.48 kW

Under Construction

Invest in Green Energy Fund

Be expecting an attractive stable income and commit yourselves to Taiwan's sustainable development at the same time


Green Energy Fund

Worried about how to find an investment target? By creating long-term and stable cash flow through the project development and 20-year FIT contract with Taiwan Power Company, Opsis MCube Capital's green energy fund can help you enjoy stable income and make a full impact on the sustainable development of Taiwan's economy and natural environment.


Our fund is a fixed-income instrument with a yield at least twice of decent-rating corporate bonds such as Apple and Hon Hai Precision Industry, and of course several times higher than US Treasuries. Our team develops projects efficiently to convert assets into cash flow as soon as possible. In addition, Taiwan Power Company guarantees a fixed rate for 20 years, which also produce an excellent return per year and help us achieve AAA credit rating of low-risk stable rate of return. Our fund pays out 10% cash per year.

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